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Fun online games to chat with friends

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Chat, meet friends and play games!

Texting games can provide hours of fun in their own right.

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Most of these phone texting games are simple in nature. And they can provide free fun for family and friends alike regardless of age or interests. What follows are some of the best texting games you can play right now without needing to download or install anything.

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However, smartphones are here to stay. Feature phones such as the Nokia are just novelty relics of a bygone age.

Try these clean, flirty, fun texting games! of fun. You can challenge one or more friends to carry on a conversation with you by using only famous movie lines. Come to us and hang out with new friends! Chat or discuss in our boards and play boardgames online.

The rise of smartphones has turned mobile gaming into an unstoppable force of nature. What if the endless lure of in-app purchases has left you broke and frustrated?

The best texting games

Thankfully there are a host of texting games you can play instead of all those modern mobile games. Story Builder Image Credit: But even non-writers who find it difficult to create worlds, characters, and plots by themselves could gain enjoyment from this simple texting game.

With Story Builder, one of you begins the story by texting a sentence to the other. The other person then texts the second sentence in the story back to the first person.


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Slowly but surely, the two of you build a story over the course of several texts. Variations include sentences containing a certain number of words or characters, or even sentences of exactly characters.

Although the latter is extremely tough to tackle, as anyone who uses Twitter will attest. The concept of this game is elegantly simple yet it requires a degree of intelligence to succeed at it.

Fun online games to chat with friends - fun texting games to play with a guy or girl

One of you thinks of an object or person, while the other fires questions at them via text message. Variations include limiting the object being thought of to a particular genre.

10 best online chat rooms & games

I Spy — im bby hannahlswartz June 16, This is the classic I Spy, a game that has been a favorite of families for generations. I whiled away many a long car journey as a child playing endless rounds of this.

And the version played by text message is just as much fun. Begin by telling your opponent where you are to at least give them a fighting chance. Your opponent then has to guess what it is you have spied, with only.

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