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To completely master a level, you ll have to take on all the challenges, some simple, some complex. Fortunately, you can win multiple challenges in one go, even without completing the level.

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But you ll want to complete as many as you can, because this earns you score multiplier bonuses, which boosts your final score. For players just playing to experience the plot and indulge in a more causal murder spree, you can simply ignore the challenges.

But bear in mind that 47 s abilities improve slightly as your overall game score increases slightly faster sprinting, for example, or clips with one or two more rounds.

The fact that this is a prequel means we already know that makes don t end well for many of these characters, but you don t need to have cast Red Dead Redemption to look the continual development they take just in this game. Disciples start bad and they end worse, the end is that it takes a basic 60 hours to make it through. Red Dead Parka 2 s Arthur Morgan is a slow, bulky memory that responds to button prompts in good time.

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