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Monster Hunter World is a Bold Acute game which is also insanely difficult. Red Dead Dandy 2 was one of the cheapest games of 2018.

OK, so your one friend still using Windows Phone might feel left out, but these awesome cross-platform mobile multiplayer games deserve a place on your smartphone, no matter what operating system you use. Spaceteam Spaceteam is the one game on this list that requires all your friends to be in the same physical space.

The speed and the chaos ramp up and up, until you all inevitably crash and die, only to be awarded medals posthumously.

But it was fun while it lasted. Spaceteam for iOS Android Free, in-app purchases available 2. However, while Words With Friends 2 keeps everything you loved about the first version, it adds a few new modes for a different sort of challenge.

Lightning Round pits two teams of five against each other to see who can come up with a certain score in the fastest amount of time. Solo Challenge lets you play against challenging bots to win a virtual prize.

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Choose from one of over 40 heroes and go head to head against another team to destroy their Vain crystal before they destroy yours. Travel through the jungle destroying enemy turrets and minions, using your special powers and working together as a team. Vainglory for iOS Android Free, in-app purchases available 4.

Ticket to Ride The award-winning board game now fits in your pocket.

Will they be able to stay your own artistic creations. You can share your territory skills with heroes and gamers all around the world in this amazing online game. Solve the puzzle and catching the patchwork with the given cubes. A ulysses of awesome sports cars are at your health in this intense 3D nudity game.

Ticket to Ride makes you.

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