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America's Army 3 - Free PC Game

Action army pc games free download: download army games - best software & apps

Utility 43 Arcade action Games: Designed, developed, and distributed directly by the United States Army, this game offers an insider's perspective on the real-life adventures of an American soldier. America's Army is broken into two modes of play, which follow the daily life of an American soldier and the fast-paced field action of trained operatives in do-or-die missions.

Action & shooter war games focus on quick thinking and reflexes rather than slow strategy. View available games and download for free. America's Army Mar 5,, America's Army 3 is a free PC game that was developed by the US Army and includes information on the game and free download links. Designed, developed, and distributed directly by the United States Army, this game offers an insider's perspective on the real-life adventures of an American.

The Soldiers mode is a 2D role-playing game in which the player guides his character through an Army career by setting personal values, resources, and goals. By choosing the right motivations, the player steers his character toward success.

Begin as any other recruit, in basic training, then move to through Airborne and Sniper School on the way to becoming an Army Ranger. The Soldiers portion of America's Army is designed to demonstrate the challenge, pleasure, and honor of life as a soldier. The Operations mode of play is more action-oriented, as players take the first-person roles of skilled soldiers in the click to accomplish a variety of missions.

Challenges are squad-based and the team must work together for success. The player character's particular role on the squad is determined by such factors as his leadership ability and MOS Military Occupational Specialty.

Operations is designed to deliver the excitement of a contemporary 3D shooter with the authenticity of the world's most powerful army. America's Army is a tactical first-person simulation of none other than the United States Army, from boot camp and full-blown tactical combat, to Army policy and procedure, medical training, and even the military brig if you violate RoE Rules of Engagement.

As in the first release, after installing and creating an account, you must complete a series of localized basic training missions that simultaneously teach you elementary game controls as well as textbook military principles. This includes assault rifle target practice shoot controlsthe obligatory obstacle course movement controlsspecial U.

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World War 3 - Announcement Trailer

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