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Regardless, there are still many great adventure games being made today by talented video game developers. Dirty Split Created by Dreamagination Entertainment, Dirty Split is a very high quality adventure that rivals many commercial games.

Wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do as whichever avatar you select, the adventure is in your hands! Save your favorite games to your. Find your favorite Download Games and Online Games. Play the top Adventure Games. Discover some fun with the best adventure games at GameHouse! You can find the best online adventure games on GameHouse. Try games like The Treasures of Montezuma and My Kingdom for the Princess now! May 17,, Adventure games were all the rave back in the late 80's and 90's but have since fallen out of the spotlight as first person shooters, sports titles. Download and play the best PC adventure games for free! All adventure games are % free full version, no payments, no ads. Trusted and safe downloads.

Visuals are stunning and crisp, and the voice acting is spot on. Albeit it a little short, playing this is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Online Adventure Games, Big Fish

The dialogue is hilarious and after playing the free episode, you may be tempted to buy the whole season. Beneath a Steel Sky A cult classic, this was a commercial game long ago, but is now available as a free online adventure game by using the ScummmVM engine.

In the game your whole town is destroyed and you are captured. Considering its age, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is simple. At the time the game had a somewhat revolutionary system that allowed non-playable characters to go about their business in the game and interact with the environment.

The best free online games on PC - online adventure games for pc

Spoonbeaks Ahoy Game developer Alasdair Beckett made this game for his girlfriend, but we all get to enjoy it too. Besides the art style, the gameplay is also in the classic style of LucasArts games and is very easy to get into.

Graphics and gameplay are similar to the Sierra and LucasArt games of yesteryear. One unique feature about this free online adventure game are the five different endings.

If you like games with a silly storyline and a fun plot, be sure to check this one out. You play Joe King, a pilot with a wise mouth. Your mission is to rescue Faye Russell, a beautiful of course movie actress.

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Some of the puzzles are a bit confusing but stick with it and you can get through it. Another one courtesy of ScummVM, you can download it here. One.

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