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Sight Words Game - Language Arts Game

Among these are a number of high quality sites devoted to interactive sight word practice and instruction.

These websites are superb tools for reinforcing the skills being developed through sight word instruction. While printed flashcards are the most frequently used tool for instructing children in new sight words, the Internet offers some interactive activities to help boost their recognition of sight words in print.

As each word appears on the screen, adults and children can practice saying the word together.

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The lists can be repeated as many times as needed to help children make the connection between the print and spoken word. To help with this there are a number of excellent interactive sight word learning websites with audio components.

These sites give the user the option of hearing a word read aloud through the click of the mouse. Some even include fun age-appropriate games to reinforce the connection between auditory and print words. This site is an excellent learning tool for children who just beginning of the process of learning sight words.

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Organized by grade level, each Dolch list on this site allows the user to hear the word read aloud by clicking on it. An animated dog takes children through a series of activities aimed at helping them learn sight words. Each is full of great visual and auditory support for learning.

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Illustrated Sight Words An often used strategy for teaching children sight words involves demonstrating the connection between the print word and its picture. Just as young readers use the illustrations in picture books to help them understand the text, pictures can also help them commit sight words to memory.

Concentration – FREE online games incorporating the following sight words: the, While playing an entertaining board game, children can obtain a sight word. Sight Word BINGO, Second Grade Word Games Sight Word BINGO Standards Advertisement, Go Ad-FREE. Dec 6,, Download Kindergarten Sight Word Games and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 'Kindergarten Sight Words' app makes learning enjoyable for toddlers through funny animations and beautifully Price: Free.

This website,created and hosted by a Florida school district, provides children with a wealth of practice connecting pictures with print words. There are a number of activities for each of the Dolch grade level sight word and noun lists. In each activity, the user is presented with a series of colorful pictures under which there are.

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