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Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior.

So if you have played these games when you were little, now you will be able to rediscover the classic turn-based combat while exploring different worlds and while revealing new treasures and enemies to eliminate. Rule the Kingdom An easy to play role-playing-game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.

The policies functions help you do a lot of tweaks like walking, caring, climbing, running and leaning. The best part about this game is the fact that it has three other levels, Easy decisive and hard. Hence you can play all the 21 levels three times, with a lot more like and adrenaline than before. The conversions are challenging on the hard level not if you don t have a garbage strategy as a gamer.

This game is mixing role-paying with city building, farming and also with storytelling. You will be able to create new characters, build your kingdom and fight with your opponents.

This Windows 8, 10 game is great for those who want to mix strategy with RPG on a game plan that is quite similar with the one featured by Age of Empires. Well, if yes now you can also play it on your own Windows 8, 8.

Even though the graphics are not spectacular and even though the game still needs some improvements on both storyline and features, The Lone Ranger might be just perfect if you are looking for an adventure RPG kind of game.

The action is taking place in Wild West, where you need to protect the town of Colby.

You will be able to shoot enemies and solve mysteries alongside Tonto in a western environment. The game is available for free, so you can anytime download it on your Windows 8 tablet. Reaper.

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