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In this online Reversi version you can play against the computer or versus a friend: Online Reversi game player Click to play This free game opens as a web page.

we have reduced support for legacy browsers.

Press the play icon on the startup screen. Play against a friend 2 player game or play against the computer.

Giochi gratis online flash games: jeux t45 : ton site des jeux gratuits

Before selecting computer, you can alternatively set the difficulty level: When playing against the computer, you will have the black discs game pieces and you will make the first move by placing a black disc on the board.

The computer will have the white discs.

Reversi and Othello game basics The players take turn in placing one disc game piece on the board, with their designated color facing up. When you trap discs, you can flip them over and thereby reverse their color to make them yours. The game is over when both players have placed all their disks on the board, or when there are no more legal moves possible for either player.

Whoever has the highest number of discs on the board is the winner. Example 2 — Discs can also be trapped in several directions in one single move, and both in straight and diagonal lines: You can only trap disks in straight or diagonal lines.

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Reversi and Othello game tactics After playing a few rounds, you will discover that there are some basic tactics that will give you an edge. For instance, discs placed in the corners of the board are immune to be flipped for the rest of the game.

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And discs placed along the edge can only be attacked from the sides. Consequently, it would be a helpful tactic to secure positions like that. Likewise.

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