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December 24, ; accepted: March 8, Background and aims: However, empirical studies focusing on the use and abuse of MOBA games are still very limited, particularly regarding impulsivity, which is an indicator of addictive states but has not yet been explored in MOBA games. In this context, the objective of the present study is to explore the associations between impulsivity and symptoms of addictive use of MOBA games in a sample of highly involved League of Legends LoL, currently the most popular MOBA game gamers.

Results showed links between impulsivity-related constructs and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement.

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Findings indicated that impaired ability to postpone rewards in an experimental laboratory task was strongly related to problematic patterns of MOBA game involvement. Although less consistent, several associations were also found between self-reported impulsivity traits and signs of excessive MOBA game involvement.

Despite these results are preliminary and based upon a small self- selected sample, the present study highlights potential psychological factors related to the addictive use of MOBA games. Internet Gaming Disorder, Internet addiction, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, videogame addiction, impulsivity, delay discounting The playing of video games has now become one of the most popular leisure activities worldwide, especially since the introduction of online multiplayer games featuring ele- ments of both cooperation and competition.

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