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The top 10 RPGs on PlayStation 4 as of 2018

Dauntless focuses on cooperation mode and performing quests, most of which come down to hunting monsters.

The 8 Best PlayStation 4 Role-Playing Games of 2019

Due to the fact that they possess not only brute strength but also intelligence, it is necessary to learn their behavior and weak points before engaging them. Heroes can use many different weapons and combat styles, as well as special skills.

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Dauntless employs carton-like visuals. The plot takes us into a dark fantasy universe presented in a style reminiscent of the nineteenth-century Victorian era.

Get ready to grind with our top 10 RPGs on PlayStation 4, finder

Residents of a bleak metropolis called Yharnam are afflicted by a mysterious plague which turns people into ferocious beasts. The goal of the game is to discover the city's secrets and to determine who or what is responsible for the deadly disease.

Gameplay mechanics do not differ from the patterns known from Dark Souls, focusing mainly on the advanced combat system. Apart from parrying, dodging and quick counter-attacks they also include the option of using a firearm.

The artwork is remarkable, and the game world is much larger and more open, which was made possible thanks to the potential of the eight generation consoles.

The series is developed by Capcom and its installments were usually released on Nintendo and Sony consoles.

There he kills powerful beasts as part of bounty contracts. The title offers a vast, open world that can be traversed on foot or on the back of a tamed monster.

Best online rpg games ps4: the top 10 rpgs on playstation 4 as of 2018

Each of the monsters has unique advantages and weakness. The battles are played in real time and the player can use variety of melee and ranged weapons and gadgets. The success lies in proper tactics and taking advantage of the surroundings.

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We play as a samurai fighting against various enemies, among which we will find both humans and monsters. We cut our way through the enemies not only with conventional weaponry, but also with special abilities of our hero and the magical power enchanted in his sword.

Gameplay is a mix of games like Onimusha and Dark Souls. This means that the difficulty level is high and it forces the player to make use of different tactics, dodges, blocking and powerful, complex combos.

Interestingly, game has been announced as early as and was supposed to be one of the launching.

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