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God of War alternatives - 8 mobile games for Kratos fans

God of war 3 ios: want to play god of war iii using your iphone/ipod touch?

Everyone knew it was coming it hits shops this Fridaybut few expected it to be a contender for game of the year - let alone the generation. That's precisely the situation we find ourselves in with God of War, though.

What's God of War, exactly? To cut a long story short, it's a deeply cinematic action game franchise about an angry man named Kratos who beats up ancient gods and other mythical creatures.

The 25 best fighting games on iPhone and iPad It started life as a PlayStation 2 exclusive, before going on to spawn a bunch of sequels, prequels and spinoffs. If you've played a slick combo-heavy action game in the last decade, it probably owes a debt to Sony's hacky-slashy series.

Apr 21,, Download God of War, Mimir's Vision and enjoy it on your iPhone, Bring God of War's world into yours with the Mimir's Vision app an AR. "We've seen some clever hacks for iOS devices to do some things we're positive Apple would not approve of here's another one that you can.

There was even a God of War mobile game at one point, albeit in pre-App Store times. Modern smartphone users don't have any God of War games their own, unfortunately.

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Still, there are a bunch of great action games that do something thematically or mechanically similar. We haven't had a new entry sincebut it's still a reference point.

god of war iii alternatives for ios

While its gameplay is link like as free-roaming or as varied as God of War, its slick graphics, intuitive combat and fatalistic man-against-gods storyline is definitely of a piece.

Rise of Prometheus Godfire: Rise of Prometheus might as well have Kratos tattooed on its arm inside a love heart, such is the level of debt it owes to Sony's franchise. You play the part of Prometheus, a bloodthirsty titan facing up to the wrath of the ancient gods.

There are hordes of enemies to slay and epic boss battles to fight in gory combat.

Is any of this ringing any bells? Fans of God.

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