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Shadow of the colossus 10th boss walkthrough

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Shadow of the Colossus: how to beat Colossus 10 – Sand Worm

This Colossus is located in the severe western side of the map.

Ride to the west and cross the small bridge, just like you did to get to the last Colossus. This time, stick to the southern side. You'll find fewer obstacles in your way if you run near the southern cliff.

Once you can't go west anymore, look for a gap in the mountains. You'll find a small cave that will take you into the lair of the beast. This Colossus packs quite a punch if it manages to hit you, so stay on your fast horse to avoid getting plowed in to.

Get the Colossus's attention by riding near it, and then quickly go away from it. It will follow you and raise its head above the surface when it gets close. Use your bow to shoot an arrow into one of the eyes and you'll momentarily blind the worm.

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Without the benefit of vision, the Colossus will plow into the wall, stunning itself. Jump onto its back and climb up until you see the glowing area.

Start stabbing and try to get as much life taken off as possible. The worm will eventually recover and you'll have to repeat this process. When it starts moving again, make sure you get off.

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If you don't, you'll lose a lot of health when it goes under and slams you into the ground. Time Attack Tip Make your run across the center of the sand pit where there aren't any obstructions.

Shadow of the Colossus: how to beat Colossus 10 – Sand Worm: shadow of the colossus 10th boss walkthrough

This will give you enough time to wait for the Colossus to surface without having your horse turn or slam into anything while you aren't in control of it. It is much easier to fire your bow accurately while moving in a straight line.

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Shadow of the Colossus PS4 10th Colossus Gameplay Walkthrough - Dirge

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