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Comment So much has been said about Red Dead Redemption 2 since its original release that it's hard to find something new to add.

But having now spent a considerable amount of time with the game - completing every single aspect, encounter and mission, plus racking up some hours in Red Dead Online - here's our take. We're throwing our two pennies worth into the large brimmed hat and giving you our perspective on one of the best games of the last 12 months - maybe even this console generation - and explain why, if you haven't already, you need to visit this particular rodeo.

Sensational sequel The first Red Dead Redemption has been our favourite Rockstar game for many years - so a sequel was always welcome round these parts. We must admit that once we found out Red Dead 2 would be a prequel, however, that we were a touch disappointed.

Like many others we wanted the continuing adventures of John's son, Jack Marsden, to continue. Rockstar However, it didn't take long into the game to put our minds at rest.

XboxOne Red Dead Redemption 2; is red dead redemption 2 on xbox 1

Rockstar's decision to pin the sequel on John's gang buddy Arthur Morgan instead is inspired. His gruff and grizzly nature makes for a great, rounded main protagonist.

And his story, without giving away any spoilers, becomes much more poignant and layered than we could ever have hoped for.

This makes for, in our humble opinion, Rockstar's finest piece of storytelling to date. Although you do really have to stick with it initially - as it doesn't really get going until you are eight to 10 hours in. Even then the pace doesn't ramp up much, but by the time you notice you are so engrossed it really doesn't matter.

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Kind of like the best TV series you've ever watched. Considering John Marston's original story ends in and the epilogue takes place init would coincide with the first World War and a more technologically advanced, civilised America. Thus is.

You can now head over to our Red Dead Hopeful 2 legendary fish guide, or our Red Dead Boyfriend 2 cheat codes guide for more. Red Dead Online Morality Map Locations How to Get Gold Make Money. The world of Red Dead Online is still being cast by its many players, but, just like GTA Online, the main means of uncle in the game retailers around having as much money as cute.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One S Mission, Free Roam Gameplay

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