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God of war storyline so far

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What Is The God of War Story So Far?

While his latest outing is taking a somewhat different direction thanks to the inclusion of his son and all-new elements based around the Norse myths, Kratos' past is still deeply steeped in Greek mythology as well as the blood of all those who have dared to oppose his will.

Fans who want to catch up on the tales and legends forged within the God of War series would do well to brush up on some of the many plots and characters featured in the series so far. Fortunately, we're here to help.

The Complete God Of War Timeline - From Ghost of Sparta to World's Best Dad! - The Leaderboard

God of War Series Plot Overview It's been eight long years since the God of War series has had a proper full-form release, and as such, the team at Sony have provided a quick video summing up some of the history fans will want to keep in mind before diving into the new adventure.

Those who have completed past games in the series will find an overview of Kratos' exploits featured below, but those who haven't played past series entries should know that the information featured beyond this point contains plot details and spoilers for many of the past God of War games.

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The Saga Begins - God of War Kratos begins his tale as a Spartan warrior in service to the gods — specifically the many deities present in the traditional Greek pantheon. During one fateful battle with an overwhelming barbarian force, Kratos called out.

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