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Best of 2018: How God of War hides its big story reveals in plain sight

After 30 hours of Norse realm exploring, Atreus-training, puzzle-solving, side-questing, and fighting, we knew that God of War had to come to an end. After getting the eye, the World Serpent felt discomfort and thus spat out Kratos and Atreus to the Midgard spot where one of the giants resided. Turns out that The Stranger was the one who roughed up the World Serpent to flush the duo out so that he can deal with them.

Yep, the guy who has been hunting the both of you down is one of the sons of Odin. He was ordered to take Atreus back to Asgard for reasons not known, or at least you think so at first.


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And guess who his mother is? So he goes mad and does not forgive his mom for this.

And from this point on we see the bad side of parental love; the kind where one smothers their own child with your own sense of misplaced kindness and the greater good. Thus, boss fight ensues.

God of war future mural, dreaming of the next god of war

Halfway through the fight, Atreus accidentally stabs Baldur with a mistletoe harness Kratos made for him halfway in the game. This broke the spell; Baldur can now feel and sense, and also be harmed and killed.

This was hinted at earlier in the game when Freyja freaked out when she saw Atreus with the mistletoe arrows he got from Sindri a while back. Did we forget to mention that you now have the Blades of Chaos with you? This is important because there will be fights where you need to switch between Fire and Ice attacks. Just like this final showdown between Kratos and Baldur.

Oh yeah, and Freyja controls a corpse of the Stone Mason giant from an earlier stage to also throw out shockwaves in your direction.

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But how do the duo deal with Freya and her giant? Atreus summons the World Serpent to deal with it.

How many of these God of War secrets and Easter eggs did you spot?

See how his language skills paid off big time? Once that fight is over and done with, Kratos warns Baldur to not go after them again and to not touch Freya.

Freya goes to the near-spent Baldur and tries to claim forgiveness from her son. And the crazy thing.

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