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God of War - Witch's Cave puzzle solutions explained, Lake of Nine and the Foothills

Unfortunately for you, pretty much everything is out of your reach. The most you can do is to head down to the bottom on the right, and push the pallet with a bunch of rocks into the water.

God of War Witch's Cave Exploration, How to Come Back

Use that to jump onto the little bit of dry land and find the Mask artifact. Once you get there, find a boat. Then, row towards the south the game will give you a marker to follow. After a short time, the gigantic statue of Thor will come into view.

Red Missable Venues Green Weapons which can be bought or will be provided automatically and you don t have to worry about Blue Bohemians which you will have to find somewhere in the world or where as a quest reward. It can also be found in a gold case during the backroom-robbery of the drug store in Valentine.

Row between its legs and into a cavern. The dock you will use this time is different than the one that you used to leave.

Apr 25,, After reaching the summit of The Mountain, Kratos and Atreus must return to the Witch's house to revive the head of Mímir. Here's how to solve the Witch's Cave puzzle in God of War, get back into the Witch's house, and get the locked rune chest along the way. Jump to Sand bowl puzzle, He'll run over to your left to find a sand bowl. Keep turning left and look in front of Atreus to find a few more breakable planks. Apr 21,, God of War Witch's Cave Exploration guide shows you how to come back collectibles, how to solve puzzles, including sand bowl & rune chest. Apr 25,, Here's easy methods to remedy the Witch's Cave puzzle in God of War, Next it's worthwhile to flip your consideration to the sand bowl on the.

You can find a Horn of Blood Mead rune chestwhich you can reach if you head right from the long wooden bridge. One of the runes you need to destroy is above the Hidden Chamber door, which you can open if you have the Magic Chisel.

Inside the chamber is a Valkyrie you can kill, and that will award you a Talisman. You can find it by heading left from the rune chest, creating a bridge of light, and breaking a wall of red growth. Once you clear the area of enemies, look to your right. Then, approach the wall and give Atreus a boost up.

Next, head left and free the loaded pallet, then drag it to where Atreus is standing. Atreus will hop onto the pallet, so drag it back to its original position, all the way to the left. Use the axe to clear the way, and Atreus will run to the bowl.

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Now, look to the ceiling to the left of the bowl. Reveal the runes by tossing the axe.

God of war sand bowl witches cave - god of war witch's cave exploration - how to come back

Then, turn to Atreus and hit Square when the prompt appears on-screen. This will solve the puzzle, and the sand basin platform will come down. Hop over and loot the newly-revealed chest. Stefan Djakovic aka JoeTheBard A language.

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