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God of war lore markers trophy

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How to find all 11 God of War Jotnar shrines and learn the lore of the giants

Trilingual Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim. While you'll only need 4 of each - there are more than that amount located in the world. Staying on the path for the main quest will eventually lead you to all the chests you need for both Muspelheim and Niflheim, but you can also find extra chests in the Shore of Nine to get them faster.

Note that the Muspelheim Cipher Chests will start appearing once you have lowered the Lake of Nine for the first time, and the Niflheim Chests will start appearing after you have lowered the lake a second time. After getting the required 4 chests, all others linked to that cipher will give you random enchantments instead. Idunn's Orchard Fully upgrade your Health. To get this trophy you'll need to find at least 9 chests that hold one of Idunn's Apples - every three will increase your health a maximum of three times, but there are actually 11 found in the world.

See all the locations you can find them in the Idunn Apple Locations page. Quick Tempered Fully upgrade your rage. Much like the previous trophy, you'll need to find at least 9 Nornir Chests that hold a Horn of Blood Mead - and to increase your rage you'll need three horns, and you can do this three.

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