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Review: 2018 God of War on PS4 Pro in 4K with HDR

As a primer, HDR, aka high dynamic range, is an image display technology that can generate more vivid and dynamic colors, deeper blacks, and brilliant highlights. Swinging around the city at night or in the rain shows off HDR nicely—the bright lights of the city really stand out against the darker background.

God of war hdr vs: hdr on ps4 and ps4 pro: a developer’s perspective

Our game offers realistic lights intensity calibration, HDR textures and global illumination energy conservation. Throughout the development of the game, we made sure to integrate HDR every step of the way. Thanks to this ongoing work, Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks more real and immersive, with more intensity and nuance.

HDR technology enhances the spectacular vistas you see in the game, and the realistic lighting that draws the players into a world of myth and legend. We just had to adapt the output image to this new standard… HDR allowed us to fully express the colorful, striking, visual art style of The Witness.

Players can notice this immediately as soon as they exit the initial entry tunnel.

The improved color space brought out colors impossible to show before, as well as rendered scenes in extreme light and brightness conditions. While the tone curve is adjusted to stay within the color value of 1.

Gaming in HDR will allow players to experience the dazzling sun, lush forests and vast nature where living creatures exist, at resolutions that offer an enhanced sense of realism. Hellblade will detect when a player has an HDR TV and optimize its lighting and art accordingly, resulting in a much better range of brightness — the weather and atmospheric effects in Hellblade are particularly noticeable in this regard.

Additionally, we tweaked the interface colors to maintain their detail and vibrancy within more extreme lighting. The moment when the.

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