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Virtual Console In addition to being backwards-compatible with Nintendo GameCube games, the Wii Shop Channel has a section called Virtual Consolewhich allows the players to download emulated versions of games from the Nintendo 64 era and before to play on the Wii.

Each downloaded game costs between and Wii Points. The games are priced based on the system they were released on, with imported games costing an additional points. The Virtual Console versions of games are primarily straight emulations with no major changes or additions, although a few games such as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and Mario Kart 64 are edited to remove potentially seizure-inducing or copyright-infringing graphics.

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Additionally, Nintendo 64 games do not support the Rumble Pak or Transfer Pak accessories, meaning parts of games which use these features may not function completely in the Virtual Console version. The service was discontinued on June 27, In Mario Kart Wii, a picture of the playable Mario, Peach, and the player's Mii before all gold on all courses or a picture of all the playable characters with the player's Mii after getting all gold will be sent to the Wii Message Board upon finishing the credits.

Wii Channels are channels accessible from the Wii Menu.

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There are four pages of channels; each page can hold twelve channels, meaning there can be in total 48 channels in a typical Wii Menu. Using an SD card in a newer version of the Wii via updates makes it possible to use instead of four pages, twenty pages of channels to use, meaning there can be in total channels on.

Mario Party 8 - Complete Longplay - All Boards - Party Tent Walkthrough (FULL GAME)

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