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God of war series in order of story

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God of War Story Primer—All the Key Events in the Series Before God of War PS4

Kratos desolated the Greek pantheon and the world they ruled over, but he's somehow stolen away to the Norse realm to conduct a quiet life of isolation. How did he wind up there?

What trail of bodies did the Ghost of Sparta leave in his unbridled wake toward Mt. How did his bloodied descent into revenge go from bad to unthinkable?

For God of War: Ascension on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message I feel like that's the best balance between story and gameplay For someone new to the series, I usually recommend the play in chronological order. Apr 17,, The new 'God of War' works a lot better if you understand the journey In order to power the blades, however, Kratos must imbue them with the.

We've gathered our scrolls and compiled a chronological synopsis of God of War to give you the full tale of Kratos' unbelievable life. Before God of War Spartan youth are stripped of their innocence and made into relentless warriors early on, and Kratos' origin is no different. He proves himself beyond his peers, and while his brother, Deimos, might have been his equal, he was taken away by Ares and Athena in his youth as revealed in the PSP title Ghost of Sparta.

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In memory of him, Kratos branded himself with red tattoos in the vein of his brother's unconventional birthmarks. Years later, the comic series reveals that Kratos is promoted as a leader and marries Lysandra, resulting in the birth of their child Calliope.

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However, she's born with an illness, and due to Sparta's law to slay the weak, Kratos sets out on an urgent mission to find the Ambrosia of Asclepius, which heals all wounds and diseases. Little does he know that some of the Olympians.

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