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Hitman 2 Supports Native 4K Or 60 FPS On Xbox One X; PS4 Pro At 1440p With Unlocked 60 FPS

Share Agent 47 is back and he is back with a bang! Hitman 2 also manages to excel in one other area…its use of excellent graphics technology.

You can join either side of the force and float your enemies. The campaign is great, but the real fun worms in multiplayer mode where you can find thrilling combat in your favorite Star Wars characters. Take on anyone from around the world in this interactive game and defeat the games of your side of the force in common.

We stated back in and then again inthat Hitman is a benchmark game for consoles. And this trend continues with Hitman 2 but more on this in a bit.

However, the updates to the Glacier engine have resulted into subtle improvements in the lighting department and volumetric effects such as wind or sand flowing in the air. The crowd tech has always been one of the key points in Hitman games and that is still going strong in Hitman 2.

Hundreds of NPCs doing their own thing are rendered without breaking a sweat in Hitman 2. There has also been a slight change in the color palette with the image now looking much crisper and cleaner thanks to the power of the iterative consoles. We are honestly quite baffled at the limited number of options, the developers could have done more here, specially given how this is a major AAA release of the year.

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Performance for the most part was fine but was expected given our test PC specifications more or less outpowers the recommended requirements. Xbox One X offers players with two different modes. A quality mode which renders the game in native 4K and caps the frame rate to 30 and a performance mode which renders the game in p and targets 60fps.

hitman 2 xbox one x vs pc vs ps4 pro graphics comparison – a true benchmark for each hardware

On the other hand, PS4 Pro runs at p with the option to run the game in locked or unlocked frame rates. However, even if you switch on this option, the PS4 Pro struggles to reach a consistent 60fps whereas the Xbox One X version seems to be much closer to its target.

The Xbox One X build, just like the original game, is an excellent platform to play Hitman 2 on. PS4 Pro on the other hand isn't bad either but its shortcoming. Are you comparing PS4 with XBox One S, or PS4 Pro with XBox One X? If it's the Pro vs the One X, get the One X since it's more likely to keep. Nov 18,, Hitman 2 Xbox One X vs PC vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison – A True Hitman 2 Details May Roadmap, Rolls Out The Undying Returns.

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