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Red dead redemption 2 special edition or ultimate

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Preorder Bonuses, Special Editions Announced

The game is out on October 26 internationally Some customers have had their orders downgraded Question marks remain on when it would be available in India officially Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate and Special Edition variants have sold out in India.

Oct 18,, The ultimate edition includes all of the same Story Mode bonuses as the special edition, but adds exclusive Red Dead Online content as well. Physical copies will come in an exclusive steelbook case and are only available at GameStop. The Red Dead Redemption 2 ultimate edition retails for $ Oct 26,, The Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition costs $ and comes with The Ultimate Edition runs $ and comes with everything the. Today we're pleased to announce details for the Special Edition and Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2, along with extra pre-order bonuses for all.

Aside from having Red Dead Redemption 2 on a disc or two, it also comes with additional in-game content and physical goodies such as a printed map and steelbook. So if you were waiting till launch day to get either version, you may well be out of luck. At the moment, all online stores that were selling these versions of the game don't have it available for pre-order any more.

In some situations, those who pre-ordered either Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate or Special Edition were downgraded and the balance amount was returned to them. This appears to be the case for those who paid for the higher-priced versions of the game on Xbox One and not PS4, Gadgets has learned from several customers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate and Special Edition Sold Out in India: red dead redemption 2 special edition or ultimate

Red Dead Redemption 2 distributor E-xpress has not replied to Gadgets 's request for comment on the same. Bank Robbery Mission and Gang Hideout: Get exclusive access to a Bank Robbery Mission, in which Arthur and a couple of his fellow gang members come up with a daring plan to break in and rob the bank in the southern town of Rhodes.

Elsewhere, the Del Lobos Gang has taken over a hacienda - clear this gang's hideout and rob their stash for a lucrative take. Dappled black thoroughbred: This thoroughbred racehorse sporting a beautiful reverse-dappled black coat will keep you at the front of the pack with its exceptional speed and acceleration. You will also get the exclusive Nuevo Paraiso Saddle, handmade in dark chocolate leather with silver medallion detailing.

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Talisman and Medallion gameplay bonuses: These special Story Mode items will give Arthur a helping hand whenever they are equipped. Attaching the Eagle Talon Talisman to his boot, Arthur's environmental awareness skill will last longer.

By carrying the Iguana Scale in his personal Satchel, Arthur will take less damage while riding on horseback. Gameplay boosts, cash bonuses, and discounts: This collection of exclusive Story Mode.

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