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Super smash bros ultimate mode spirits

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The best Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and how you can unlock them

Primary spirits raise your fighter's attack power. Support spirits These can be equipped to the primary spirit's empty slots.

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They can give your fighter additional skills. Two types of spirits Primary spirits boost your fighter's physical abilities, while support spirits grant new skills.

You won't believe how many different spirits there are! Primary spirits You can equip one of these spirits to a fighter to enhance its strength.

Spirits, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch system

Your fighter could become very powerful, depending on the spirit you use. Support spirits are protective spirits that give your fighter special abilities. Defeat your opponents to collect new spirits!

Do Not Forget

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Battle enemy spirits Fight against an enemy fighter controlled by a spirit. Battle all kinds of characters, on all kinds of stages, with all kinds of rules. There are tons of different battle situations!

The best Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and how you can unlock them: super smash bros ultimate mode spirits

If you win the battle, you'll get to test your skill for a chance to collect the spirit. Choose spirits wisely Primary spirits have strengths based on their type. Be sure to choose the right spirit for an advantage against your opponent.

Each battle has its own conditions—some even have hazards like electric platforms or platforms that put your fighter to sleep. Equip the right spirit for the situation! You get better rewards for defeating strong enemies! It pays to battle spirit teams with higher power levels.

More ways to play with spirits Feed them snacks to level them up. Send them exploring in search of treasure. When dismissed, spirits leave behind cores that you can use to summon new spirits. Adventure Mode A single-player mode where you must battle to save fighters and spirits.

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