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God of War The Stranger Boss Fight - How to Defeat The Stranger in God of War

The story of Kratos seeking revenge against the gods of Olympus is a bloody, brutal and vicious Greek tragedy.

10 Most Insane 'God of War' Bosses

This series offers players some of the best — and most violent — action sequences ever found in a video game. Even when the franchise is taken from Greek mythology to Norse mythology in the new iteration, all that adrenaline-fueled fun follows.

Apr 23,, Find out how to take down every boss enemy in God of War. We'll also be going in order of which boss you fight, from Chapter 1: The Marked. Aug 16,, Fighting a God: Behind the Scenes of God of War's First Boss Battle This was because these fights all had one big thing in common: Kratos.

Below are eight of the top God of War boss battles to get the blood flowing. Hydra — God of War I think you have something in your teeth.

The first fight of the series introduces the gaming world to its next greatest icon: Through a classic quick time eventplayers impale the Hydra on the broken mast of the ship in a violent finale. This intro sets the bar high for the rest of the boss fights throughout the entire series.

After being tricked into killing his family by AresKratos wanted nothing but revenge. Players take control of a now giant-sized Kratos as they battle Ares in a showdown that looks like something out of a Godzilla movie.

You can find the full patch notes below which were taken away from this Playstation blog post. God of War New Game Plus NEW INFO, No Sans, Final Update More. God of War New Game Plus Armor God of War 4 New Game Plus armor So All God of War New Armor God of War 4 New Armor. E3 2018 God Of War PS4 Boggling New Game Plus Mode.

Sequels can be hard to nail, so God of War II had a big challenge ahead of itself. How can you top the opening Hydra boss fight from the first game?

Top 8 God of War Boss Battles: all boss god of war 1

Well, the answer to that is to go bigger — much bigger. An angered Zeus brings a statue to lifehoping to squash Kratos, the new God of War.

Players use catapults to help take down the living statue from the outside before making their way inside to dismantle it piece by piece. This fight goes to prove that these games only get better with a bigger scale, more action, and massive bosses to fight. Kratos needs the wings of Icarus to reach the Sisters of Fate.

This fight is an exciting change from what players are used to in a boss battle because it takes place entirely in the air. When Icarus and Kratos begin their free fall, players must be quick with their button pressing to subdue Icarus before they hit the ground.

Top 8 God of War Boss Battles, FANDOM

The skydiving fight ends with Kratos ripping the wings off Icarus, plunging him to his death. This exciting fight also highlights an important point about Kratos and his relentless nature. Kratos is a man.

God Of War 1 - All Boss Fights / All Bosses

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