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Shadow of the Colossus Golden Relics - How to Get Sword of Dormin

Secret Sword Discovered in 'Shadow of the Colossus' Remake, Digital Trends

While much of the game remains the same, there have been secret additions that here need to uncover while exploring the world -- like the elusive Sword of Dormin! Named after the spirit who guides you throughout the course of the game, this hard-to-find sword deals significant extra damage, but at the cost of slower health regen for Wander.

Having trouble finding the new weapon? Want to get your hands on this beautiful sword?

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There's a lot of searching ahead! You might recall a reference at the end of the original game to trudging up 79 steps to finally reach enlightenment.

Feb 11,, 'Sword of Dormin' is yours after collecting 79 relics. The Shadow of the Colossus remake contains a new collectible challenge that unlocks a. Mar 16,, Enlightenment and 79 coin mystery added to the Shadow of the Colossus remake. If you're after more help, our Shadow of the Colossus walkthrough, guide and How to find Enlightenment reward the Sword of Dormin. But since everyone is trying to investigate what this sword does, I've In the Dormin sword room there is one of Ico's horns laying on a pillar.

As expected, 79 steps isn't exactly a quick quest, and finding the Dormin Sword will take a lot of searching across the whole game world as you track down all 79 sets of sparkly gold coins. Enlightenment Coin Hunting These coins are found just about everywhere, but they're in slightly out-of-the-way locations, like in the water on a beach or at the top of a cliff face.

shadow of the colossus golden relics - how to get sword of dormin

This is a real Easter egg hunt, as the map doesn't show the location of enlightenment coins or even give hints as to general areas. Instead, you've got to search high and low across each map and listen for an audio cue.

Shadow of the colossus remake sword of dormin - secret sword discovered in ‘shadow of the colossus’ remake

Much like with the flashlight from The Last of Us or activating the focus in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the PS4 controller itself will emit a sparkle sound to let you know you are close to a coin.

When you manage to pick up all 79 enlightenment coins, return to the shrine starting area and look for the big locked door covered with square runes, which will now be lit up by sparkles like the coins.

Choosing different scenes and fight with them will make the game only. What are you make for, quickly picked up arms to fight with them.

Run down.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - Sword of Dormin vs All Colossi - Hard Difficulty

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