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How to Beat Colossus 11 in Shadow of the Colossus PS4, Defeat Celosia - Where is Colossus 11?

Finding Celosia[ edit ] Celosia is an easy find. Head north along the colonnade until you're almost at the top of the map. Just a shade to your right you should see a large pit with a path cut into the side leading down to a small lake.

Colossus 11 shadow colossus, how to beat colossus 11 in shadow of the colossus ps4, defeat celosia - where is colossus 11?

You can also jump down into the pit, though you will lose half your health, you will survive. Look for the ruined doorway to find the entrance to the path. Then head up the hill into a temple.

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Celosia will appear above and behind you as soon as you jump across to the main room. Defeating Celosia[ edit ] Celosia is very different from the other Colossi you've fought so far.

Feb 6,, To beat the 11th Colossus you're going to use a tool you've never used before and actually scare it away from its location.

Whereas the others were huge and lumbering, Celosia is relatively small and very fast. She is the smallest colossi in the game, and resembles a boar.

Celosia, Team Ico Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia

However, she does possess razor-sharp talons and two scimitar-like tusks, which she'll put to good use during the battle. This colossus may be small, but Celosia is no slouch.

She's very fast, so if you're not paying attention or taking cover she can destroy you rather quickly. Immediately run towards one of the two closest fire altars and hide between them and the wall.

Celosia will try to swipe at you from outside, which can be very damaging if it hits. To move the battle forward, notice the ridges on the side of the altar; use these to grab on to and climb up using the jump-climb method.

The quicker you are the more old you will earn. Max Payne Enchanted is an action game developed by Rockstar Games Inc. Play as Max Payne a game cop who has been seen for murder, and is being bad by cops and the mob.

Celosia will switch his tactics to ramming the altar with his forehead, a move that can knock you back on the ground. To avoid this, jump up whenever he gets close with her charge you'll avoid his impact altogether this way.

After doing this once, a flaming stick.

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