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Here's what you can do in Monster Hunter World's limited-time Witcher crossover event

There are two Side Quests that are part of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt collaboration quest in Monster Hunter World: Watch the video below for full instructions!

monster hunter: world’s witcher event has begun on pc

You must have befriended every Tailraider in the game and unlocked the final Palico Gadget, the Meowlotov Cocktail. Now, start the Special Assignment, called Trouble in the Ancient Forestand progress like normal until you find the first journal, putting you in an advantageous spot. There is one near here in area 11, by the Northeast Camp.

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With at least one doodle collected, speak to the Lynian Researcher in area 6. Fight the Gajalaka, accept their offer to become chief, and then fast travel to the Southwest Camp to speak to the handler.

Monster hunter world witcher event - monster hunter world x the witcher collaboration event gets dated on pc

Fast travel to the Northwest Camp in area 8. Then, tag the Giant Vigorwasp on the map in area 13 and go there to find the Gajalaka Chief.

We also have a lot of users, so you ll never be alone. Functionality as I was one of the zombies that first did blossoming on PO for DPP NU 7 years ago, it seems too appropriate that I d be the one to end it. Due to a lack of interest, playerbase, and organized desire to continue, PO will hereby cease our product tiering and adopt Smogon tiers for SM. I d like to thank all of the environment that helped PO along this 7 year overland, and I hope the experience helped you all while like it did for me.

Defeat him to complete The Chief Issue. For some, this also unlocks Gajalaka Shellshock, a sort of damage-dealing environmental trap you can get normally by increasing Gajalaka unity to level 3. Follow the main quest line until you reach the area with the dead Pukei Pukei.

Go behind this one to find another Pukei Pukei trapped, but still alive. Later, during the final phase of the fight with the Leshen, that same Pukei Pukei will appear to fight - and you must keep it alive. To be even more prepared, you can make more Lifepowder with a Godbug and Blue Mushroom.

Also, make.

MHW How To ALWAYS Keep Pukei-Pukei Alive in Witcher Quest - Monster Hunter World

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