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Hitman 2: How to Redeem Legacy Pack DLC

November 13, Developer: IO Interactive Release Date: November 13, Platforms: There are six new locations in the game, in addition to a reworked tutorial segment that is largely identical to the first game albeit with some minor alterations.

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Each of these locations is like an onion, inviting you to peel away at its layers. One map, which dumps you into American suburbia is a great example. Best iPhone Games Closer still, these picket fences and perfect lawns hide murder scenes, gossiping neighbours and even a drug lab, all just below the surface.

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Each secret you massage out of a level can be used to take out your targets: A collection of silenced weapons can be used to hunt you down, but you can turn it against your enemies or just break open the case to set off an alarm and create the perfect distraction as you introduce a screwdriver to the neck of your target.

The levels are just as good as they ever were, and the new additions are excellent: The legacy pack means the complete story of the Hitman reboot is available for new and old players to trawl through.

Tilde key during gameplay and enter the only case sensitive codes without the quotes at the year window to enable the corresponding cheat type. Toggle Nailing Enemy Hands to Wall when Arrested Type nailgun 0 or 1. Forefront XP Gives You a New Way to Earn XP in Hitman 2.

These levels are intricate and deep, a feel like a snapshot of an existing world that you can dive into again and again like some sort of murderous Groundhog Day remake. This could involve you dressing up in a giant bird costume to try and blackmail someone.

are able to play content from Legacy Pack in HITMAN 2 without any additional fees. To see if you Win 1 of 11 Steam keys for The Octopath Traveler & more! Upgrade your HITMAN™ Legacy Pack to the GOTY Legacy Pack. SteamDB is a community website and is not affiliated with Valve or Steam. All times on the App ID‎: ‎ Legacy pack = all the remastered maps from 's Hitman game with all the enhancements from Hitman 2.

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