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Hitman 2 Walkthrough. Mission 3: Three-Headed Serpent

Hitman 2 ps4 mission 3: hitman 2 walkthrough. mission 3: three-headed serpent

Walkthrough Your objective is to assassinate three key members of the drug cartel. The targets rarely meet with each other and are scattered around their home base most of the time.

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Your best bet is to take them out individually. Location is split into several important areas: Moreover, a network of underground caves connects most of the key places on the level. The cartel does not save money on security, and its members are very suspicious of new faces.

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Andrea is the face of cartel and its business manager, so she constantly moves around the village. She is full of problems though, including some personal ones.

Somewhere along the line IO Bond just said screw it with every to create this deep-seated lore with Agent 47 and just finished with the idea of liberty us silly, loosely related sandboxes that allow us to slap belongings with raw fish. The open-ended spiral of the last Hitman signs, much to my delight.

Plant a letter from her ex, and she will go to a secluded balcony right on the edge of the cliff. You can also lure the girl to the construction site, disguised as a local shaman.

Put on a nice play at the site, and the workers will instantly disperse over the place. Andrea will periodically talk to the supervisor in front of the deep hole.

Right behind her will be a huge concrete mixer, guess what happens next? Rico Delgado will never leave his mansion for no reason.

Therefore, you have to pay him a visit or take advantage of his vanity and lure him to the celebration in the village. Rico is so in love with himself that he ordered to build a statue of him in Santa Fortuna. Though, they builders are worried if it will withstand a good push.

We suggest.

HITMAN 2 - Walkthrough - Part 3 - SANTA FORTUNA - Silent Assassin

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