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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

It was the first Monster Hunter title for new fans but offered a brand new take on the gameplay for veterans.

Though Capcom expanded and improved the base experience significantly with free updates, the upcoming expansion Iceborne is perhaps the most anticipated piece of content for the game yet. All of the post-launch quests to arrive afterwards functioned more as standalone stories than anything else.

Iceborne will take a similar approach with its story, offering a brand new tale that takes place post-Monster Hunter World. Each map in Monster Hunter World has different locales to it, which vary wildly depending on the monsters inhabiting them. However if this is the ultimate, in more ways than one, send-off for Monster Hunter World then we can see it being comparable to the Ancient Forest and Coral Highlands in scale.

Dec 10,, Monster Hunter: World marked the start of a new age for the Monster Hunter series on PlayStation 4, and we're now gearing up to grow that.

The Ancient Forest felt dense with its vegetation, which benefited the likes of Tobi-Kadachi and Anjanath in different ways. By comparison, the Rotten Vale seemed like much more of a descent into hell with Effluvium constantly sapping your health, especially when dealing with Vaal-Hazak.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Monster Hunter Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia

Could the wintry ecosystem of Iceborne confer similar obstacles, perhaps reduced movement speed in spaces or the affect of cold on your character thus necessitating different armour or equipment to stay warm? What kind of animals and environmental objects will come into play?

New Monsters While Nargacuga was more or less or confirmed in the reveal trailer, fans are still speculating whether monsters like Oroshi Kirin, a more aggressive variant of Kirin that uses ice instead of lightning, or Zinogre will be included.

At this point, they seem a given, especially since Nargacuga and Zinogre have been highly requested by fans. Whether Alatreon, the multi-element Elder Dragon from Monster Hunter Tri who was listed in a leaked list prior to release, will also be included or not is definitely hard to discern.

Monster hunter world iceborne wiki: monster hunter world: iceborne – 10 new features you may not know

Since that list also had Deviljho and Lunastra, which were both added as free post-launch monsters, it seems possible. What this means is that players can expect a sizable amount of new content.

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Take, for example, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate — it added two new Monsters and new Deviant Monsters, 14 monsters returning from previous games, two new Hunting Styles, Beast mode for Prowlers, and a new Hunter Art for each weapon on top of the base game. For the.

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