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The summit god of war walkthrough

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God of War - Mountain Interior puzzle and how to reach The Summit

God of War Inside the Mountain Guide - Heart of the Mountain Area Guide

Reach the summit Ascend the Mountain Get inside the mountain. Go to the left and defeat all of the enemies.

Shameless bitch, with your ego and pronunciation you have caused a lot of duty to the gods. Then he threw his spear at aegis of Game that even the trade of Zeus could not clear.

Afterwards, collect the blue crystal and return with it to the room with the statue. Place the crystal in the appropriate place, pull the lever and tell Atreus to solve the puzzle.

Apr 29,, God of War's “Return to the Summit” Journey begins after you retrieve the Black Rune of Jotunheim during “Black Rune.” You'll be free to.

You will reveal a hidden passage - go through it. Shoot the crystal to light up the room a little and jump down.

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Move forward, pick up the boulder and defeat the group of enemies. Get into the mountain and defeat another group of enemies.

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Afterwards, light up the blue crystals in the area and open the red chest. In this area you will find the first Norm chest - take a look at our video walkthrough above and collect another item from the chest.

Now enter the narrow passage and go further. Open a small chest that can be found behind the stone with the rune and shoot at the blue crystal.

The summit god of war walkthrough; god of war - mountain interior puzzle and how to reach the summit

Defeat the enemy and shoot another crystal. Continue forward - defeat another group of enemies, light up the crystal and climb up.

Drop down the chain to activate a "shortcut". Get the smaller chest you must also drop the chain and open the gate to reach a new location. Traverse the Dark Caves You will reach a really spacious room, in which there are numerous things to find - some of the secrets, however, will be unlocked at a later stage of the game.

Approach the large spinning wheel and try to activate it - unfortunately, it will be blocked and a new wave of enemies will appear.

God of War Inside the Mountain Guide, Heart of the Mountain Area Guide, USgamer

It's time to get rid of them! Free the Chain and Find a way to Ascend Once the encounter is over, head to the tunnel with the light. There you will stumble upon Brok's store - you can use his services if you want.

Get on top of the shelf located above the store, go through the.

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