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God of war remastered trophies

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God of War III Remastered Trophies

Hit Man — Perform a hit combo 4. In the labyrinth are several boxes as well.

God of War III Remastered Trophy List • 35 Trophies • Owners • % Average. Mar 16,, PowerPyx's God of War 3 Trophy Guide Guide for Trophies and all Collectible Locations. Including Godly Possessions, Horns, Eyes and. Jul 7,, With God of War III Remastered comes another opportunity for a new platinum trophy. Need some help unlocking them all? Here's a list of every.

Priceless This video shows you the locations of all Godly Possessions. There are 10 of them in total.

God of War 3 Trophy Guide

In the beginning you should hit the enemies using Square or grab them with Circle. When the amount of enemies is getting higher press triangle only and try to hit as many enemies as you can with one attack.

Challenge 2 — Bare Hands The only way to do this challenge is to grab the guards with and use them as a weapon. To kill the cyclops enforcer, use the small enemies and hit him till he falls out of the arena.

God of war remastered trophies; god of war iii remastered guide – how to unlock all trophies

To kill the remaining enemies use and rip them apart with. This challenge is the hardest one in my opinion. Another important note: If a stone guard is near a rock try to attack the other guard. Challenge 3 — Get Stoned This one is very easy if you know how to do it.

But, true to any bloodsport, every time needs to know when to retire lest they make a fool of themselves or tarnish their legacy. Reggae s most unapologetic anti-hero has accumulated that point, and it s time to hand down those red tats and that only thirst for revenge to a new successor.

The Gorgons have to stun you 10 times to beat this challenge. To make a Gorgon attack you with this kind of green fog try to grab the gorgon by pressing.

You should never jump! Try to ignore all other enemies.

Remastered god trophies war

The minotaurs are very stupid because they run to the end of the arena till the fall down and die. When the minotaurs start to attack you just roll to the ledge and hang on for a few seconds.

Also Important

After killing the previous raven look beside to find an extent beside a corpse, close to a lit torch. This Tex is sleeping at the end of the huge chamber.

Try to hit as many vases as you can with one hit. When he moves left, his claws will attack the right side. Sometimes the electric attacks he spawns are unfair and hard to avoid.

You can do this on any difficulty to unlock the Hooker Trophy. Shoe Delivery After you caught Hermes he is wounded and easy to kill. I show you a fast way.

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