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Square Enix Launches Hitman Companion App on Mobile

The app was updated to version 1.

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The full change list for this update and an updated FAQ for both platforms are included below. What is this account I need to sign up for?

I want a Square Enix Membership account, what should I do? Please check your password and make sure that you either are using your Square Enix Username or the registered email for login.

There s more options to slay than ever before, as well as loads of deep meanings to get to grips with, but with more and more being added to the game over the last few videos, there s still plenty to play for in Capcom s game. Also, all of your goal hunting exploits can be done up some friends for added fun.

Please tell me how to do that. The system is currently supporting: Go to your Square Enix Membership account.

Square Enix Launches Hitman Companion App on Mobile: hitman companion app

Which Hitman games are currently supported by this app? In order to connect them, you will need to link the platform on which you have played the game with your Square Enix Membership account.

We support the following three platforms: Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. Follow these paths detailed below: Can you explain what they are? I am pressing the flashing cities on the map but nothing happens?

Square Enix Launches Hitman Companion App on Mobile – Adweek

The mainframe map indicates where in the world something new has happened and what achievements have been acquired. Are they not all interactive?

You can only interact with the grey buttons in the interface. What do the graphics in the safe house mean? The app has detailed information about weapon properties for each of the ballistic weapons that the Agents have access too.

HITMAN companion app for Android launched by Square Enix

Why does the keyboard not being activated when selecting the input fields in the login menu? We are aware of the issue about the keyboard not being activated on iOS devices running iOS7, which prevent the users not being able to log in.

This issue has been fixed in app version 1. Remember to link your gaming platform on the Square Enix European site. Go to your Square Enix Member account. What will Square Enix use my account information for?

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