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'God Of War' Is Exactly Why Sony Can't Copy Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass

Very much along the lines of Blizzard s Overwatch, Paladins from Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios is a colorful free-to-play hero shooter whereupon players choose from a variety of very different heroes and use them to clash in a number of different objective-based game modes.

Ranging from siege, survival, co-op PvE and payload modes to name just a few the latter should be especially familiar to Overwatch players, Paladins certainly offers a lot bang for practically zero bucks.

Paladins is a colourful and well-balanced FPS that costs precisely nothing to play.

At the core of the Paladins experience however are cards that can be used to affect ability cooldowns and provide buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies.

It is set in Manito Glade, a camp in san Roanoke, just north of Annesburg. Enter the hut and the map can be found in the players in the corner on the right. Now that you have the aesir of the map, you can find for Otis Miller s fight. It can be found in the very south of the map, in New Denis.

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