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Wiki Modi Modi was a demigod and son of Thor and the younger half-brother of Magni. He serves as the secondary antagonist in God of War He and his brother both follow their uncle Baldur in their quest to find and kill Kratos.

There is no mentioning of Modi's mother.

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During the Aesir-Vanir War, Magni along with his brother took part in a battle and fought and killed the Vanir goddess Nerthus. Together in their youth, Magni and Modi — no taller than shrubs — managed to rescue their father after the almighty Aesir God of Thunder had accidentally got himself trapped underneath the corpse of the Giant Hrungnir, shortly after he had killed him.

In the end, Magni was given all of the credit for the deed simply because he was noticed first since he was the blonder of the duo. Having failed to receive little-to-no praise for his accomplishment, Modi was left immensely bitter due to having been overshadowed by Magni.

God of War After their uncle is defeated in battle by a man suspected of being the Guardian, Magni and Modi are summoned by Baldur to aid him in his hunt for his target. The three travel to Midgard where they seek advice from the now-imprisoned Mimir. Frustrated, Baldur leaves but not before Modi threatens to return later and steal Mimir's other eye.

Shortly afterwards, Magni and Modi split up from their uncle in order to hunt Kratos and Atreus. Modi notes that they cannot disappoint their father, which Magni agrees with an annoyed tone of voice. Magni orders father and son to surrender but Kratos refuses to comply thereby starting a brawl between them and the sons of Thor.

Sadistically amused by the mere sight of Atreus, Modi takes advantage of the fight by proceeding to mercilessly mock Atreus constantly throughout the battle; taking immoral pleasure in insulting the young boy and trying to get a rise out of him.

Visibly distraught by the death of his older half-brother having taken place right in front of him as well as given by the fact the two believed themselves to be incapable of dyinga horrified Modi backs away from Kratos in fear while struggling to speak in terror and.

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God of War PS4: Kratos Vs Baldur All Fights

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