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Basaran Hard Time Attack Shadow Of The Colossus Ps4 Remake - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Hard Time Attack Colossus #9, Basaran. Shadow of the Colossus Hard Time Attack Walkthrough on the PS4. In this Shadow of the Colossus video, we show you how to beat Colossus 9 in Time Attack mode on Hard! For. Shadow of the Colossus Hard Time Attack Walkthrough of Colossus #9: Basaran Boss FIght. HARD TIME. Quite possibly the most jank leg jump every performed. This wasn't a good kill, and I much prefer fighting this.

The 'Lightsaber' weapon from Ico Time Attack Tips[ edit ] Colossus 1[ edit ] You can start running towards the Colossus while the intro cutscene is fading away. The clock won't start until the bars completely fade out, allowing you to get a few extra steps in towards chasing the giant down before the clock starts. Loading Colossus 2[ edit ] You'll save yourself about 30 seconds if you attack the beast from behind at the beginning.

Attacking the two hind legs makes it so you have much less climbing to do.

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Loading Colossus 3[ edit ] The most important part of beating this Time Attack is being able to get up on to the giant quickly. As soon as the stage begins, run past the Colossus to the far end. He'll track you over there. Once he takes a swing at you, run past him to the center.

He'll turn around and knock his armor off on the stone circle, allowing you to quickly get on. This Colossus shakes his head around a lot when you're on top.

Watch the pattern and wait for your chance to attack. If you grab onto its forehead with full strength, you can completely drain that weak point and then drop down to the platforms below.

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