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The Nine Worlds in Norse Mythology

God of War: How to Unlock the Secret Ending: god of war asgard world

Legendary Action Game There was a time in which the skalds traveled between the Scandinavian courts singing the heroic deeds of a fierce warrior from the southern part of the world. These poems described how this demigod called Kratos fought against the Gods of his homeland, and how his anger spillover among the world of the mortals changing it forever.

After many battles both on Midgard and on Mt. Many years have passed since that time.

god of war: can you get to asgard?

Stories tell that after the battle against Zeus, Kratos moved in the cold Scandinavian lands to find peace. In there, he met a beautiful girl called Faye who gave him a healthy and brave son called Atreus.

Impulsive and untrained in the fine art of war, Kratos teach him how to survive in the savage land of Norse Gods. Battling against the bloodthirsty monsters and the ferocious warriors who live in there.

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The new installment brings a brand new experience in the massively popular God of War franchise. Armed with the mythical Leviathan — an ax forged by the dwarf brothers Sindri and Brokand an array of new weapons and Runic spells, God of War for PS4 is both an extremely good adventure developed by the ultra-skilled Santa Monica Studio, and also a voyage between generations.

Sometimes a father-son relationship can be very complex.

Due widely different interests could be hard to relate, competing with one another. Kratos and Atreus.

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