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God of war 4 release time

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Release Date: When is God of War out on PS4?

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Feb 13,, God of War PS5 release date, announcement, trailer, and everthing else you The game is highly unlikely to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. But this time, he isn't looking for a fight, unlike previous games. Jan 23,, Kratos is back, and this time he's a dad! The reboot to "God of War" arrives on PlayStation 4 this April, Sony announced on Tuesday.

Prior to the release of God of War PS4, it was already confirmed that the new God of War game is first of a trilogy currently in development. The franchise started decades ago with PlayStation 2 and released its latest entry last year in the form of a redesigned God of War PS4.

From camera angles to story everything was changed and redesigned.


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Kratos stepped away from his Greek roots and stepped into the Norse Mythology. And while Sony is looking to create live service games as well, single-player story games will remain the primary focus of the company.

The next God of War game is going to be as amazing as the last entry into the series. God of War 5 is definitely a next-gen game that is expected to release on PlayStation 5 and probably a PlayStation 5 Pro if Sony keeps its mid-gen console updates going.

But Sony is going to push Sony Santa Monica to release the game on PS5 which means it could take longer than some may expect to finish the game.

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From here on there are story spoilers for God of War PS4 that released in He will continue to explore the Norse realms to find more Gods to kill. He is just trying to.

god of war: first details and release date for new game plus mode

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